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Status 2016

Hey Guys,

Some Informations for you out there. I still work on the new full length and maybe a split. I can´t say, if I finish the stuff this year, but we will see as usual.

So I wish you all the best

More News coming soon about Artwork, Tracklist and so on.



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All I need is time…

Hey out there,


What is new in the house of Wedard?

Still working on the new Album, but I don´t know when I will finish it.

The split with “Thy Light” is still a plan and I think about 2015.

So I only want to say, I´m still alive and working for new Wedard Releases!

Have a good time



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News & Updates

Hey Guys out there,

The 10 years of Wedard-Compilation will be out the next 30 days. First Edition with Lyrics and special Digi-Cd with nice booklet limited to 50 copies for real fans. Rest will be later re-released as normal edition.

Still recording and trying for the new full length. Release-Date 2013 I think. With special guests on the vocals. Stay tuned. You all out there now these guys! 😉

Last but not least. Im still alive and hope to hear from all of you out there.

P.S. I get some packages back undelievered. So if anyone didn´t get something. Contact me please!



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Future Infections of Wedard

Hey there,

Following Releases will come.

10 years of Wedard  Compilation out in 2012 via Ewiges Eis Records

Thy Light / Wedard Split-Rlease out in 2013 via Ewiges Eis Records

Wedard – Autumn Nightsky (The Stars and I) – Full Length – Out in 2013 via Obscure Abhorrence and his partners in all formats.

Prepare for more news – Next Step is the best of compilation


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